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Thirty-sixth Issue, Summer 2008 Volume
A Word from the Bridge - Dave Howell: Up the ICW, Our Villa #56, Dun Wurkin #45, Loren Hart, Tommie Chen, Ecco Domani #55 goes to Alaska, Ping and Steve of Little Boss #30 marry,. Vol 36, p. 1.
Welcome Aboard - Dana and Tim Grams (Ecco Domani #55). Vol 36, p. 1.
Cruising News - Keeping in Touch Underway, Joe and Arvilla (Our Villa #56). Land Cruising with Tess II, Bruce Griffiths (Tess II #22). Three Weeks Cruising, Tom Blackwood and Janice Bialko (Thistle Dew #46). Just Following Along, Dave and Vicki Howell (Nellie D. #63). Vol 36, p. 2 & 10.
Tug Talk - Fuel Tank Vents … Caveat Emptor, Key Stage (Titan #31). Vol 36, p. 3 & 6.
Tug Tips - cleaning teak decks, wall painting, Mattress in a box by Vicki Howell (Nellie D. #63). Vol 36, p. 4 & 8.
In the Details - Dave Howell (Nellie D. #63), Laminated door jams. Vol 36, p. 5.
Alike, but so Different - Nimbus #50, port steering, elevated galley counter. Vol 36, p. 5.
For Sale - Truancy #1 $150,000; Raven #4 $225,000; Jenny B. #7 $175,000; Elizabeth Noble #16, $159,000; Loretta May #27 $$145,000; Bodacious #44 $156,000; Nimbus #50 $135,000; Mikfin #51 $189,000; Brutus #64 $164,000; Larsholm #68 $129,000; Greymalkin #71 $210,000; Lady JoAnn 49#6 $55,000; Nelson's Lady 49#9 $525,000. Vol 36, p. 6.
On Board Ursa (49) #3 Vol 36, p. 7.
2008 Northwest Rendezvous - Lopez Island Vol 36, p. 8.
1st Annapolis Rendezvous Vol 36, p. 9.
Calendar of Events 2008 Vol 36, p. 9.
Ships Stores Vol 36, p. 10.
LNVT Roster Vol 36, p. 11.
Twenty-fifth Issue, Fall 2005 Volume
A Word from the Bridge - Tom Blackwood: Gig Harbor Rendezvous wrap-up. Vol 25, p. 1.
Welcome Aboard - Jeanne and John Niccolls (Knock Off #66), Rick and Ann Benedict (INTREPID #29). Just found Bob and Hannah Spatola (Kukui #75), Dave and Vicki Howell as wannabees, John and Shirley Irvin as previous owners. Bill and Nita Capitan (LA SALLE #23). Vol 25, p. 1 & 7.
Cruising News - Walter and Peg Bacon (WAYFARER #74) the Mystic Rendezvous and trip from the Chesapeake Bay to Connecticut. Joe and Sue Fahndrich (CONCINNITY #17) Michigan to Canada. Bent and Marie Blichfeldt (COMPASS ROSE #3) Gig Harbor to Filucy Bay. John and Jeanne Niccolls (KNOCK OFF #66 Chesapeake, VA, to the Patuxent River. Vol 25, p. 2 & 3.
From the Pilot House - Bill Larsson (LARSHOLM #68) rudder cheeks, new hawse pipes and cleats, mooring lines. Bonvoyage to Chad, Kathleen and Evan Foley (Intrepid #29). Vol 25, p. 3 & 6.
Northwest Tuggers 3rd Annual Rendezvous - Kim Shann (TUG E. BEAR #62) wrap-up. Vol 25, p. 4.
Through the Hawse Pipe - Chain Grabbers as seen on Annie and Sheryl Ann. Vol 25, p. 5.
Calendar of Events 2006 Vol 25, p. 6.
For Sale - Truancy #1, Compass Rose #3, Tess II #22, Scuffy #42, Damn Yankee #48, Nelson's Lady 49#9. Vol 25, p. 6.
Tug Talk - Electric heaters, fantail awning, rigid rails, hull blisters, dielectric grease, get-home engine, water heaters, dry bilge, rust converter Corraseal, stern rail. Vol 25, p. 7 & 8.
Ships Stores Vol 25, p. 8.
LNVT Roster Vol 25, p. 9.
Twenty-third Issue, Spring 2005 Volume
A Word from the Bridge - Tom Blackwood: Living aboard. Any excuse to leave the dock. Vol 23, p. 1.
Welcome Aboard - Hal Findlay (Le Papa #24), Dainne & Michael Bahan (Jenny B. #7), Renee & Ward Dunning (Lady Hamilton #12), Don Surratt & Ann Prentice (Puffin #26). Vol 23, p. 1.
Updates and News from the Fleet - Renee Dunning (Lady Hamilton #12) shakedown cruise, contaminated fuel. Bob White (Renegade #72) using Dock Wise. Sue Fahndrich (CONCINNITY #17) tug mailbox. Vol 23, p. 2.
Tug Talk - Ralph Hampton (Goodnews! #63) Corian as a Galley Countertop. Mike and Vickie Levi (Vickie Marie II #30) Cunnighan air whistle. Vol 23, p. 3 & 7.
Through the Hawse Pipe - Mast Crutch as seen on Sedna. Vol 23, p. 3.
For Sale - Truancy #1, Tess II #22, Sea Turtle #40, Intrepid #29, Nelson's Lady 49#9, Knock Off #66 Vol 23, p. 3.
Cruising News - Tom Blackwood (Thistle Dew #46) South Puget Sound. Vol 23, p. 5 & 7.
Calendar of Events 2005 Vol 23, p. 6.
LNVT Roster Vol 23, p. 8.
Ships Stores Vol 23, p. 9.
Twenty-first Issue, Fall 2004 Volume
A Word from the Bridge - Tom Blackwood: Remembering the Rendezvous. Next year the Rendezvous will be in Gig Harbor. Vol 21, p. 1.
Welcome Aboard - Dick & Ann Behan (Annie #38) formerly Guppy. New Association members: Bruce & Margrit Elliot (Equinox #58), Syd Gabriel (Tortuga #69), and Bob & Sally Windecker (Sounder 49' #5). Vol 21, p. 1.
LNVT International Rendezvous 2006 - Ideas for the International Rendezvous. Vol 21, p. 2.
Updates and News from the Fleet - Dick Behan (Annie #38) finds the original owner Barker (Lady Patricia #38). Loren and Lani Hart (Nelson's Victory 49' #6) partially sunk by Hurricane Frances (pictures). Bob and Sandy White (Renegade #72) use Dockwise. Vol 21, p. 2.
Northwest Rendezvous 2004 Pictures Vol 21, p. 3.
For Sale - Mocko Jumbie (#49), Little Toot (#19), Truancy (#1), Tess II (#22). ANNABEL LEE, hull 25, owned by Frank & Mary Lee Weaver is NOT FOR SALE. Vol 21, p. 3.
Through the Hawse Pipe - Bridle and seen on Lady (#8) Vol 21, p. 4.
Rotating Bow Pulpit - Al Peterson (Kedge #43) on their anchor mount, a rotating bow pulpit. Vol 21, p. 4 and 6.
Calendar of Events Vol 21, p. 5.
Cruising News - Mary and Richard Mehl (Tess II #22), Georgian Bay and the North Channel in the Great Lakes. Carl Butterfield (Carla B #5) Finger Lakes, NY. Vol 21, p. 7 and 9.
LNVT Roster Vol 21, p. 8.
LNVT Shirts and Cap Vol 21, p. 7 and 9.
Seventeenth Issue, Fall 2003 Volume
A Word from the Bridge - Tom Blackwood: Ten tug owners rendezvous in Seattle. Shirley Irvin (Tug For Two) stepping down as Tuggers publisher. Jeff Ewell (Renegade) provides some historical information. Vol 17, p. 1.
View From the Pilot House - The story of the eight tugs (Intrepid, Elnora, Lady, Vickie Marie II, Thistle Dew, Equinox, Pet Tug, and Tug E. Bear) and two owners (Truancy and Morning Mist) who attend the Seattle Rendezvous. Vol 17, p. 2.
Moving Prospector - Bill Larson (Larsholm) escorts S/V Prospector to a new home (reprint from the 1995 Waterway Times). Vol 17, p. 3-4.
Tug Stuff - Pins and burgees for sale. Vol 17, p. 4.
Through the Hawse Pipe - Bow Puddin as seen on Intrepid and Lady Patricia. Vol 17, p. 5.
LNVT Roster Vol 17, p. 6.
Welcome Aboard - Joe and Arvilla Glinski bought Gray Ghost and have renamed her Our Villa. Mitch and Brenda Page purchased Tug For Two, now Scuffy. Mike and Vicki Levi are owners of the former Makai, now named Vickie Marie II. Mike and Michele Sharp are the new Morning Mist. Ramblin' Rose was purchased by Captain Jim Shrier and has renamed her Theodore Bayre. Dee One has been sold to Jaxi Ryan and Steven Greenberg and has renamed her Damn Yankee. Vol 17, p. 7.
For Sale - Far Niente (41'), Annabel Lee, Rogue, Mocko Jumbie, Loon Magic. Vol 17, p. 7.
Calendar of Events Vol 17, p. 8.
Fifteenth Issue, Spring 2003 Volume
A Word from the Bridge - Tom Blackwood: Seattle Maritime Festival's tug races. Vol 15, p. 1.
Welcome Aboard! Forest Whitehead (Brutus) bought last August. Ted Mucho as a wannabee. Vol 15, p. 1.
Views from the Pilot House - Peter Nordlie (Last Call) a former Lord Nelson 41' cutter owner. Al and Rie Peterson (Kedge) on the New Orleans Work Boat Show. Marie & Bert Blichfeldt (Compass Rose) in British Columbia, Canada. Blue Jacket spots Yellow Rose now named Last Call. Picture of Tug E Bear at Nanaimo Tillicum, 2002 Olympia Days Tug Races. Vol 15, p. 2.
The Thrill of the Purchase - Ralph and Sue Hampton (Good News!) describe her purchase. Vol 15, p. 3, 10-11.
Through the Hawse Pipe - Galley overhead cabinets as seen on Blue Jacket. Pictures of Thistle Dew at the 2002 Tug Races. Vol 15, p. 4.
Tug Stuff - Pins and burgees for sale. Vol 15, p. 5.
For Sale - Piteraq, Far Niente (41'), Annabel Lee, Rogue, Tug For Two, Morning Mist, Dee One. Vol 15, p. 5.
The Seattle Tug Races- scheduled for the 2nd Saturday in May. Vol 15, p. 5.
LNVT Roster Vol 15, p. 6.
Calendar of Events Vol 15, p. 8.
Thirteenth Issue, Fall 2002 Volume
A Word from the Bridge - Tom Blackwood: Welcomes Tuggers new Publisher & Chief Editor Shirley Irvin (Tug for two). Vol 13, p. 1.
Updates and Comments - welcome Ralph and Susan Hampton (Good News!). Steve and Marilyn Smith (Loon Magic) discuss a Chesapeake Rendezvous. Vol 13, p. 2.
Technicalities - Bomar hatch gaskets. Vol 13, p. 3.
Through the Hawse - storage idea from Compass Rose. Vol 13, p. 4.
Model Tug Plans Vol 13, p. 5.
Captain's List Vol 13, p. 6.
Calendar of Events Vol 13, p. 7.
Eleventh Issue, Spring 2002 Volume
A Word from the Bridge - Tom Blackwood: Reports death of Andrea Page. Vol 11, p. 1.
Questions - Answers - Comments Informal Rendezvous for SYC opening day. LNVT Monkey on Merrimac? Tug boat races. Vol 11, p. 2.
Notes from the Publisher Linda Potlock announces this is her last issue. Vol 11, p. 2.
What's in a Name? - Bill Sharpe (J. Edgar Moser). Vol 11, p. 2-3.
Technicalities - V12 Engineering for BMW parts. Vol 11, p. 3.
Tug Stuff - Burgees. Vol 11, p. 4.
Boats for Sale - Yellow Rose, Piteraq, Far Niente (41'), Raven, Annabel Lee, Rogue. Vol 11, p. 4.
Through the Hawse - Pet boarding ladder. Vol 11, p. 5.
Late Entries - Burgees and pins selling briskly. Al Peterson writes a Great Loop waterway guide. Vol 11, p. 5.
Calendar of Events Vol 11, p. 6.
Captain's List Vol 11, p. 7.
Ninth Issue, Fall 2001 Volume
President's Letter - New burgees and pins arrived. Rendezvous. Ed Geserick (Annabel Lee #28) died in April. Vol 9, p1.
Questions-Answers-Comments Welcome Hal Brown (Drifter), Steve and Marilyn Smith (Loon Magic), Larry and Sue Motschenbacher (Sedna), Wannabe Sean Heller. Ted and Kim Shann (Tug E. Bear) wins best dressed. Mike and Audrey (Betty T.) featured in Better Homes and Gardens TV series. Found - Sounder in WA and Rambling Rose in MI. Vol 9, p2.
What's in a Name Kedge. Vol 9, p2-3.
Technicalities - Walter Bacon (Wayfarer) adds a second door to the stack. Vol 9, p3.
Tug Stuff - burgees and pins for sale. Vol 9, p4.
For Sale Yellow Rose, Piteraq, Far Niente (41), Raven, Annabel Lee (#28), Rogue. Vol 9, p4.
Boats for Charter Morning Mist and Semper Fidelis. Vol 9, p4.
Through the Hawse Pipe Capstan cover as seen on Far Niente. Vol 9, p5.
Calendar of Events Vol 9, p6.
Captain's Roster Vol 9, p7.
Eighth issue, June 2001 Volume
A Word From The Bridge, Tom Blackwood. Bugee contest update. Seattle Tug Race participant THISTLE DEW. Vol 8, p1
Questions, Answers, Comments Carol and Garry Domnissee YELLOW ROSE find black felt source for channel inserts - includes installation tips . Walt Bacon WAYFARER moves bronze offset angle hand grab rails. Ron Frahm, LITTLE TOOT finds solutions to storage problems, installs deck boxes below pilothouse windows. New Bowmar hatch info. Vol 8, p2
Technicalities! Excerpt from Nordic Tug newsletter - describes dangerous fire caused by an 11" refillable butane lighter that burned the owners terribly and fully consumed the boat. All this from just trying to light the burner. Conclusion: Use A Match! Vol 8, p3
What's In A Name? How ALLINGTON CASTLE came to be named, by Tom and Anice Walker Vol 8, p3
Burgee Semi-Finalists Drawings of the two finalists. Vol 8, p4
For Sale Four tugs for sale, two for charter. Vol 8, p4
Through the Hawse Pipe Tom Blackwood hand draws a Stainless Steel Strike plate as seen on the bow of ROGUE Vol 8, p5
Where are the Parents - DRIFTER spotted in Seattle, who owns her. Vol 8, p5
Calendar of Events Vol 8, p6
Seventh issue, March 2001 Volume
A Word From The Bridge, Tom Blackwood. Burgee contest ongoing. Seattle Tug Races. Vol 7, p1
Calendar of Events 2001 Vol 7, p2
Burgee Candidates Reproductions of the burgee entries. Readers are asked to vote. Vol 7, p3-5
Through the Hawse Pipe Tom Blackwood's hand drawing of a pullout drawer for under the oven. As found on GREYMALKIN, COMPASS ROSE. Vol 7, p6
Underway Mary and Richard Mehl (Tess) on the Great Lakes. Bill Lowell (Gray Ghost) West End Crossing, steadying sail, Saw Nelson's Lady in Ft. Pierce, water maker, remote for windlass, key limes, pocketmail. Bruce Elliot (Equinox) maiden voyage. Vol 7, p7.
For Sale Mocko Jumbie, 47 Seas, Nor More, Red Mary and Raven. Vol 7, p7.
Boats for Charter Morning Mist, Semper Fidelis. Vol 7, p7.
Sixth issue, December 2000 Volume
A Word From The Bridge, Tom Blackwood new President. Linda Portlock, BLUE JACKET volunteered to produce Tuggers. Chad Foley, INTREPID new site manager. Burgee contest, Marie Blichfeldt, COMPASS ROSE. Dues $15 Vol 6, p1
We have a Web Site Chad Foley INTREPID, Dan Reich TEDDY BEAR Vol 6, p2
Questions, Answers, Comments LAST CALL, 47 SEAS name confusion. BMW manuals, schematics for AC, DC, Fuel, Water available. LITTLE TOOT, GRAY GHOST, YELLOW ROSE, CHARITY in Beaufort, NC. Window felt replacement sources. Vol 6, p2
Technicalities! Lift Muffler Replacement, by Al Peterson KEDGE. Custom built lift muffler replacements. Full page article Vol 6, p3
Underway Tom Blackwood THISTLE DEW, vintage tugboat races. Waterford Tug Roundup in New York state. Vol 6, p4
For Sale Five tugs for sale, Two for charter. Vol 6, p4
Through the Hawse Pipe Hand drawing by Tom Blackwood of double-hinged teak stove top cover aboard TITAN. Vol 6, p5
2001 Calendar of Events Many general interest events. LNV T'ers invited to Nordic Tug Midsouth Rendezvous. Vol 6, p6
Fifth issue, Fall 2000 Volume
President's Letter - Jim Backus discuses his LNVT design. Welcome new owners Bob and Sandy White (Renegade), Frank Weaver (Fiona) and Terry A. Powers (Growler). Sea Tramp renamed Little Bitt by Captains Wesley and Patty Eldred. Andy and Bridgit Deeds (Le Papa). Mystery: Hull #2 is either 47 Seas or Last Call. 37' AC, DC, fresh water and fuel drawings are available. Captain Jensen's (Rogue) water leak solutions, additional water tank, painting rails. Fuel Efficiency. Vol 5, p1-2
Albany River Adventures - Tom Blackwood's (Thistle Dew) adventures on a working tug. Vol 5, p3
Pictures - Mitch Page forsees an LNVT web site. Vol 5, p4
M/V Mikfin, Hull#51 - Captains Ted Leader and Nan Mader discuss their LNVT. Vol 5, p4-5
M/V Blue Jacket, Hull#20 - Captain Linda and Miles Portlock on their cruising adventure to Norfolk. Vol 5, p5-6
M/V Titan, Hull#63 - Captains Peter and Alvy Newman discuss LNVTing. Found Captain Jim Goetz (Josephine). Vol 5, p6
Repowering: A Case in Point - Chad Foley (Intrepid) discusses his repower. Vol 5, p6-7
BMW Parts Source - Greg Wierzbicki. Vol 5, p7
Tugboat Enthusiast Society of the Americas (TES) - Tom Blackwood (Thistle Dew) introduces TES. Vol 5, p7-8
Lighting List - Replacing a 12V21CP with 1142 or 1142R (red) bulbs. Vol 5, p8
M/V Thistle Dew (#46) - Captains Tom and Susan Blackwood report on Trawler Fest. Meet Alice and Jerry Morris (Guinea Rider), Jeff Ewell (Renegade), and Nan Leader (Mikfin). Vol 5, p8-9
M/V Gray Ghost (#56) - Captains Bill and Meda Lowell cruising plans. Three LNVTs on Lake Champlain: Gray Ghost, Little Bitt and Le Papa. Vol 5, p9
Shipping an LNVT - Careful there have been two decapitations. Shipping companies. Vol 5, p10
M/V Yellow Rose - Captain Garry and Carol Domnisse get answers to teak deck care questions. Vol 5, p10
Mitch and Andrea Page say goodbye - Andrea's cancer. Tom Blackwood and Linda Portlock take over LNVT OA. Four things Mitch would like to see the OA accomplish. Vol 5, p10
For Sale - Equinox, Mocko Jumbie, Tug Boat Annie' 47 Seas, Last Call, No More (41'), Red Mary. Vol 5, p11
Boats for Charter - Morning Mist and Semper Fidelis. Vol 5, p11
Curtains for Sale - Alvy Newman (Titan). Vol 5, p11
Captains List - 69 boats listed. Vol 5, p12
Fouth issue, Summer 2000 Volume
President's Letter - Frank Coram TRUANCY. LAST CALL, 47 SEAS, SEA TURTLE. New owners of TESS, TUGGIE and YELLOW ROSE. Captains Bert & Marta Wall will discuss the 41'. Captain Tom Blackwood's THISTLE DEW son accepted into the U. S. Naval Academy. Captain Bill Lowell GRAY GHOST on Bahama cruising. Peter Lukken DUN WURKIN found. GE SilPruf2000 caulk. Captain Ruud van Dommelen LORD NELSON window track solution. Vol 4, p1-2
A Woman's Point of View - By Captain Janet McCullough MOBY. A woman customizes her LNVT. Vol 4, p3-4
48 MORE INCHES - By Captain Bert Wan FAR NIENTE. All about the LNVT 41'. Vol 4, p4, 6
Ready and Able - By Steve Knauth, Soundings Staff Writer, Reprint from Soundings, November 1999. A first-time LNVT buyer's experiences Vol 4, p5
M65 as potential LNVT Replacement Engine - Andrew Freeman. Vol 4, p6
Captain's List - Lists 52 tugs. Vol 4, p8
Tug ANNABEL LEE - By Eddie and Jackie Geserick ANNABEL LEE. All about their tug. Vol 4, p9
LNVT Specifications - for the 37, 41 and 49 Vol 4, p10
For Sale - Seven LNVT's listed. Two charters. Vol 4, p11
Third issue, Spring 2000 Volume
President's Letter - COMPASS ROSE equipment & photos, Capts Blichfeldt, Vashon Island, trip to Alaska, Hull #1 mystery, Tommy Chen. Vol 3, p1
Assistance Needed - NELSON'S VICTORY, original LNVT burgee Vol 3, p4
Miscellaneous - Rendezvous interest, Trawler Fest list, Money, Faucet washers, DEEONE, CHARITY, PERSERVERANCE, MOBY, LITTLE TOOT, BMW parts list, ONEIDA, water control, Original engines. Vol 3, p5
M/V KEDGE - By Captains Al and Rie Peterson. A tale of horror with a happy ending. Vol 3, p7
LARSHOLM Revisited - By Captain Pete Egan. Potomac River. ONEIDA Vol 3, p7
For Sale - Six LNVT's listed. Two charters. Vol 3, p8
Second issue, Winter 1999 Volume
President's Letter - Welcome from Mitch Page. Mentions: ANNABEL LEE, GROWLER, LARSHOLM, Rendezvous, Finances. Vol 2, p1
LARSHOLM - Two pages on hull #68 LARSHOLM. Mentions: Background stories, Capt. Bill Larsson, hawespipe addition, mooring line splices, rudder cheeks, air compressor. Photos. Vol 2, p2
NAIAD Roll Stabilizers by Captain "Boots" Harmon, full page. Hull #25 FIONA "only LNVT with stablizers." Vol 2, p4
Answers to Questions posted in the Fall issue. BMW 130, Fenders, Window leaks, hull speed calculation, large seas. Vol 2, p6
For Sale Lists 4 boats for sale. One charter. Completed sales. Vol 2, p7
Charter Issue, Fall 1999 Volume
President's Letter - Welcome from Mitch Page. Mentions: Capts. Blackwood, Harmon, Ewell. Line drawings, history, price comparisons. Vol 1, p1
Owner questions - Questions submitted by owners to be answered in the next issue. Mentions: BMW engine, leaks, rope-beard, design, large seas, deciphering hull numbers. Vol 1, p1
What owners are saying about their tugs - Short blurbs from owners. LORETTA MAY, DEE ONE, RED MARY, ground tackle tips, website tips. Vol 1, p1
Owners and Wannabees list - Lists 16 Captains, 5 wannabees. Vol 1, p2
Tuggers, Who Are We - A humorous look at the LNVT Owners Association "staff." Vol 1, p3
Newsletter Reporting Guide - Topics that might be of interest for future issues of the newsletter. Vol 1, p4
LNVT Brochure - Reprint of a 37 brochure page with photo. Vol 1, p5
For Sale - Listing and short description of 8 LNVT's for sale. Vol 1, p6
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