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Electrical meter for toolbox
Wabasco 5500
Boarding ladder to fit over rail

Contracted Projects to be completed before launch:

Install Wabasco 5500 heater (John Arrison)

Install door in bulwark (Belmont Boatworks)

Ask Belmont Boatworks to diagnose cause of engine shutdown in heavy seas when operating from tank 4 with tank about half full.

Immediate Attention before Launch:

confirm that oil and oil filters were changed in fall layup.

replace racor & engine specific fuel filters.

Install new name decal on name board on pilot house. Caulk around name board.

Varnish all exterior trim.

Clean refrigerator’s condenser grill.

Service windlass. Grease? Motor service?

Check battery distilled water levels.

Solve installation problem with AIS receiver (replace drivers).

Replace windshield wiper blades, or see if sandpaper can be used to shape them so that they more uniformly contact window surface.

Clean and wax topsides and bulwark.

Support structure for carrying AB inflatable on salon roof.

Lower Priority:

Caulk stack to the pilot house and wood base to pilot house roof

Investigate ways to improve seals on Bomar hatches.

Clean shower sump and strainer.

Install notebook docking station in pilot house with 12V power “permanently” attached.

Install hockey puck GPS unit for notebook.

Investigate whether I can network any of the electronics aboard (e.g., radar, autopilot, depth, chartplotter). Ideally get them connected to Rose Point on notebook.

Investigate whether current autopilot is capable of integration with Rose Point, so that boat can be kept on route rather than just maintain a heading.

Investigate whether FRAM has a second dam dividing bilge into three areas: aft, mid, and forward. That is what Nellie D. had added on 9/9/2006.

Repair engine room light, which seems to burn out bulbs.

Check radar reflector housing for leakage. Nellie D. found water inside.

Learn how to install and use the emergency tiller.

Improve circuit labels on AC and DC breaker panels; some look poorly.

Lubricate locks.

Calibrate electronic water tanks gauges.

Repair/understand operation of fuel rate/usage system, which was not operational in 2012.

Figure out function of toggle switch below chart plotter.

Replace glass in Seth Thomas barometer

Investigate whether windows need caulking & what can be done to lubricate them to make them easier to move

Caulk head sink

Paint fuel and water plates different colors (blue for water; red for fuel).

Draft operating procedures and create new check list.

Cleaning decks with Oxy?

Clean bilges.

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