Nellie D. To Do
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While in the Yard

  1. Fix the small ding in the prop (Phil Recommends just hammering it out)
  2. Remove remaining gel coat below water line, fill and fair at water line, barrier coat the hull, bottom paint
  3. Install 2" fuel fill on each fuel tank inspection plate
  4. Replace Webasto 5K (on order 12/12/13)
  5. Install the rear view and forward view video camera

Near Term To Do

  1. Find and repair rainwater leak into galley overhead
    1. Make more replacement headline boards
  2. Replace the washing machine's hot water valve
  3. Bungs and new screws for companionway door handle
  4. New ground wire for engine instruments
  5. Put a simple checklist with Genset
  6. Reroute engineroom bilge hoses under water heater

To Buy

  1. 2 each 2 micron Racor 500 filters
  2. 1 each Fireboy MS-2 ($51.95 at
  3. 2 each Sherwood 10615K ($22.21 ea
  4. 2 each ph3900 oil filters
  5. 1 each ph4102 fuel filter
  6. 1 each 4"x6" Divers Dream zinc
  7. 2 each Vetus 95 Zincs

On the Radar To Do

  1. Replace Fireboy MS-2 sensor
  2. new Nellie decals for light boards (19-1/2" long x 3-1/2" tall)
  3. Reroute bilge hoses under hot water tank's platform
  4. new horn (a really, really loud one)
  5. replace aluminum water tank lids with either stainless or plastic
  6. Take out phone jack in pilot house and the one by the 30A smartPlug
  7. Fix or remove cigarette power jack in pilot house port side
  8. Repair broken valance in pilot house
  9. figure out how to drain the water on the ballast
  10. Exercise all thruhull valves
  11. bung legacy screw holes, stateroom, pilot house, and companionway door
  12. Replace the four fuel tank caps with diesel deck plates
  13. tailor dodger to fit better
  14. New cushions and covers for pilot house bench
  15. smaller wood-cased stereo speakers for pilothouse and salon
  16. Repair Webasto
  17. Clear coat polished brass in head
  18. Clear coat polished brass in pilothouse
  19. Clear coat polished brass in salon
  20. update the software on the Noland RS11 device
  21. install floor light LEDs
  22. check the kitchen hand water pumps
  23. Stainless steel vents for engine room
  24. Design forced air vent system for engine room
  25. install a vacuum-based bilge pump
  26. install a shelf in the bottom of stateroom closet
  27. Re caulk the deck
  28. Remove gel coat from hull bottom, fair, and barrier coat
  29. Cherry wood plate for Vetus thruster control
  30. Paint the engine
  31. Rewire engine room
  32. Change circuit labels for new Garmin system
  33. Repair pilot house ceiling where radar was removed
  34. Fix ceiling lights (maybe better bulbs or with LEDs)
  35. Remove Water tank level indicator
  36. Remove water and fuel gauges from helm station
  37. inspect interior of water lift muffler remove PVC sleeves
  38. drawer under stove
  39. Stainless steel mesh over sound proofing
  40. snap hooks on fenders
  41. New "D" rub rail
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