Hull 66 Details

The following were noted on Knock Off #66 (4 July 2010)

No smith access (i.e. engine room access in pilothouse/stateroom steps)
Standard salon table
Single handrail along salon/pilothouse steps
Angled kitchen cabinets right and left of sink (victory's #2 are straight)
Tool drawer in steps
Bathroom/shower has separate faucets
Long seat in stateroom
Nav station like #63
Pilot house portlights aft of Dutch door are fixed
Cabinet locks is plunger like #63
Windshield wiper boxes (3)
cable steering
Only mid hawse cleat is indented
Pilothouse glovebox like #63
Hanging locker on port side of state room
After market mast behind stack
Wood (3) pads on upper deck.
Life lines with stanchions upper deck
Water and diesel fills like #63
4 diesel tanks
Lower doors in riser of first salon/pilothouse step
Sink and stove configured like Nellie
Six floor boards in saloon
3 floor boards in galley
Refrigerator door
Tiles on counter top white
Louvered kitchen cabinet upper door
Raised panels on sliding doors under stove
L shaped seat in saloon
Bomars run forward and aft (Victory's run port to starboard)
Factory screens for windows
Galley port

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