LNVT Discussion Group

The LNVT Owners Association sponsors and manages a Discussion Group on groups.io.

Started in 2006, the discussion group is open to all LNVT owners (past and present), potential new owners, and enthusiasts. You do not need to join the LNVT Association in order to join the discussion group.

Joining the discussion group is simple:

1. Register with groups.io https://groups.io/register
2. Send an email to tugs+oi.spuorg.tvnl|ebircsbus#oi.spuorg.tvnl|ebircsbus from the same email address that you used to register with in step #1.
In the body of the email please include your real name, home port, and your reason for joining.
3. Check your email for a welcome message - it will arrive usually within 48 hours.

Discussion group links for members:

If you need further assistance please contact group moderator, Tim Bates, gro.TVNL|otc#gro.TVNL|otc.

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