49VT06 Nelson's Victory
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HIN:OEY490070688 more photos
Hull Laid: January 1988
Yard: Ocean Eagle Yachts, Taiwan
Owner Bought Sold Boat's Name Home Port
Patrick Miederhoff August 2016 Nelson's Victory
Penny Baggs May 2014 August 2016 Nelson's Victory Micco, FL
Joseph Baggs November 2011 May 2014 Nelson's Victory Micco, FL
Tom & Megan Campbell August 2008 November 2011 Promise Satellite Beach, FL
JoAnn & Bernie Mann March 2005 August 2008 Lady Joann Grant, FL
Loren and Lani Hart 1998 March 2005 Nelson's Victory Sun Valley, ID
Loren and Lani Hart1 1988 1998 American Victory Sun Valley, ID

About the Owners (former and current)

Campbells: Tom Campbell lives in Satellite Beach, FL. and has three kids under the age of four (2009). Tom's been rebuilding Promise and we have this 10 August 09 status report from John Mackie, John William (68), who stopped by and visited Tom: "He has replaced the engines, fuel tanks and some other items and has been using the boat on weekends. Still a work in progress and will take some time to complete but Tom said he will use it the way it is for awhile and is planning a trip to the Bahamas. He also said he is still cleaning sand from the interior which is still pretty much intact and a lot of it just needs a good cleaning and some varnish." Update: Tom Campbell 10/26/09. Progress on Lady Joanne has been slow and steady. My family purchased Lady Joanne in July of 2008. The first order of business was to remove and replace both Cummins 6bt engines which had been sitting full of salt water since the boat was sunk in hurricane Francis, 2004. New (used) Cummins long blocks were sourced via craigslist out of '89 dodge trucks. I was able to salvage all the marine parts off of the existing engines including manifolds, coolers, water pump and fuel pumps which I wanted to retain since they are responsible for keeping the engine near 210 HP as intended on the original marine engines. The original 3:1 gears were flushed out and also reused. All work has been accomplished at her mooring including engine installation and removal using an A-frame and chain hoist set up in the salon. Of note, when we purchase Lady Joanne, the propellers and shafts were removed from the hull and the shaft tube was plugged. Determined to stay away from the boat yard, shafts and dripless stuffing boxes were installed with the boat in the water. This seems like a scary endeavor, but really went quit smoothly. Other completed projects were the removal of the original 1200+ gallons of fuel tankage and installation of 2 new steel tanks totaling 100ea to get us cruising. Additional tankage will go in this winter. New batteries, alternators, and charge regulators were added, a small compressor to run the horn and fill water toys and retrofitting a new electric motor onto our windless. Much work is required to mend the hurricane damage on the topsides of the hull which was originally patched up using marine plywood with a water-proofing layer fiberglass which will proceed during the dry season this winter. So far we have had great fun on the boat and have run her for a little over 100 hours since the new engines were installed and tested in May of 2009. The mechanical work and learning to pilot such a massive craft as been challenging and rewarding. I will try to add updates as progress demands and will post some pictures of our engine work.

Manns: After the hurricane we totally cleaned her. Removing batteries, washer/dryer, trash compactor, ice maker, pumps and repaired the fiberglass so that we could float/tow her to our mooring in Grant, Florida in January 2006. Presently we are enjoying the sunsets, fishing, entertaining and feeling her swing on the mooring

Harts: The Harts had always wanted a cruising tug boat and were willing to go to extremes to get one—like starting a company. The company was Lord Nelson, Inc. and the boat was the Victory Tug. After five years, during which seventy 37' tugs and four 49' tugs were built, they finally took delivery of American Victory in 1988. With her they cruised the waters from Seattle to Juneau extensively. She was renamed Nelson's Victory just before her cruise south, through the Panama Canal, and up the East Coast. This was the Hart's third time through the canal having done it previously in their Cheoy Lee 35 and a Grand Banks 49. Nelson's Lady sank in Fort Pierce's City Marina (Florida) when Hurricane Francis struck in the early hours of Sunday, 5 September, 2004 with 105 mph winds. The boat was a total loss for insurance purposes.


Mechanical and Engine Detail
** twin diesel Cummins 6BT 5.9, six cylinders
** Reduct. Gear: Velvet Drive 2.66:1





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