37VT18 Highland Mary
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HIN: OEY370180984 more photos
Hull Laid: September 1984
Yard: Hai O Yachts, Taiwan

Kristin and Kenny Bishop
Voted Best Dressed Tug Skippers

Owner Bought Sold Boat's Name Home Port
Kenny and Kristin Bishop 16 November 2017 Highland Mary Aquia Harbour, VA
Pete and Lori Egan November 1991 16 November 2017 Oneida Falmouth, VA
Tom Crowley1 1984 November 1991 Oneida Brewerton, NY

About the Owners (current and former)

The Bishops: We are both Navy vets who have been sailboat owners since the early 90s. Although we enjoy our Cal 27 sailboat and plan to keep her, we had decided that a trawler would be more suitable for when we do the Great Loop in retirement. A few months ago, Kenny saw the Craigslist ad for Oneida and noticed that she happened to be located in Stafford, VA, which intrigued us. We inquired further, and discovered that not only was Oneida located in Stafford, but had been berthed at our neighborhood marina for the past 19 years! We are very happy to be her new owners and Kenny is beginning to work on his 5 year improvement plan, to coincide with our planned retirement date. Fortunately for our budget, he is very handy and able to do all the work himself. We will be renaming and rechristening Oneida in the near future… Kristin Bishop, November 2017

The Egans: In July 1989 I arrived at the Catskill Marina in my 27' 1961 Owens. I'd made the trip from Hampton's Landing on Neabsco Creek (Neabsco Creek is on the Potomac about 20 miles south of Washington D.C.). I was working on the Owens' engine when LARSHOLM #68 came into the Marina. When her owner, Bill Larsson, turned into a slip close by I went over to lend a hand, and to get a better look at his tug! Bill was gracious and invited me back once his guests had gone uptown. The tour was unreal. I had never seen a boat with such detail. It was a year later that I saw a Lord Nelson Tug advertised in an issue of Boat US. On the first weekend in November I flew to Syracuse NY with Phil Gray, a friend of mine, to meet with the tug's owner, Tom Crowley. Phil, a true business man, was my negotiator as I needed a little help to work out the final details. I would have said "yes" to twice the asking price … I really wanted this boat! Phil settled things in a few minutes and now began the wait to pick up the boat. As a teacher I had to wait until June. The next seven and a half months were the longest days I ever remember. The day after school was out I flew to Albany, NY where I met my parents and we drove to Brewerton. Mom dropped my father and me off at the boat. My brother Ed and his oldest daughter Sarah joined us two days later to bring the Oneida home to Virginia … but that's another story.

The Crowleys: I spoke to my mother regarding how they acquired the Oneida. The story goes… Being a large Chris-Craft and Donzi dealer, my parents used to travel the country for various meetings and boat shows. She couldn't remember exactly when, but they were at a boat show in CT in about 1985. My father went to a dealer's meeting and my mother went out on her own to "shop" and look at boats in the harbor. When my father finally found her, she was sitting on the back deck of a blue 1984 LNVT. He said, "There you are! Where the hell have you been?" My mother replied, "I've been sitting right here! If you ever wanted to buy me anything, you can buy me this boat." Well, he looked at the tug and never said another word to my mother. Then, if I remember correctly, it was an early spring day when the tractor trailer pulled into the yard with the tug in tow. To this day, my mother still doesn't know what dealer or broker was used to get the tug to our marina in Brewerton, NY. Our family loved the boat until around 1991 when they sold the marina, the tug and the house on the river… Brian Crowley, September 2011


  • Galley to port

Mechanical and Engine Detail

  • BMW D150 diesel engine
  • 6 fuel tanks
  • Replaced existing waste system with 45 gallon black water tank (2018)
  • Eliminated the overboard through-hull (2018)
  • Replaced pressurized water system with PEX tubing (2019)
  • Replaced hot water heater and water pump (2019)


  • Replaced all 110v cabling (2018)
  • Moved all 110v circuits to a new panel in engine room and changed original panel to all 12v (2018)
  • Replaced all non-original wiring (2018)
  • Installed 3000kw inverter and ship/shore inverter rotary switch (2019)
  • Installed Westerbeke 5kw diesel generator (2019)



  • Installed custom-developed tank monitoring system (2018)


  • Mast aft of the stack
  • Replaced brass rub rail with stainless steel (2018)

Original Purchase Information2

Date Ordered Buyer/Brokerage Hull Laid Hai O's Cost to Build3 Shipping Cost from Taiwan Date Shipped Date Arrived in US Closing Sale Date Misc. Expenses4 Admiralty Ltd. Profit Approximate Delivered Price5
10/24/84 Trade-A-Yacht 9/84 $56,850.00 $11,267.42 11/14/84 12/16/84 12/11/84 $1,940.98 $6,141.60 $76,200.00

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